Bag of Rags

You can support Jake by ordering a bag of cleaning cloths for just $5.

Jake and his team cut and bag these hand-sized cleaning rags from our collections which are ideal for cleaning solvents, chemicals, paint, oil and grease spills.

Each bag has about 25-30 cleaning rags depending on the thickness of the material, that are carefully packed and labelled. The bags maybe a mixture of towelling and other absorbent materials ie tea towels, hand towels.

The bags are then sanitised by wiping down each bag before Jake and his team deliver them to your home or workplace.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of this small purchase make a big difference for Jake and his team.

Turning pre-loved linen into cleaning cloths keeps Jake busy during the week and provides opportunities to meet new people when collecting donations and making deliveries.

It also saves on waste by repurposing old linen that may otherwise be sent straight to landfill.

Finally, the price of the completed bag largely covers driving and packaging costs, which keeps Jake active in the community.

How do I order?

Please fill out the order form below and one of our fabulous support staff will get back to you shortly with a delivery date.

Please note we only accept cash on delivery - no credit/debit cards or cheques accepted.